Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Lolita Outfit! And a Mini Purse Tutorial

I got a wonderful Bodyline skirt for Christmas, and today I made a coord with it ^^
Please bear with me on the pictures :)

 I like this set of rings, and I've never worn this watch before but my grandma got it for me for my birthday and I like it :3

 I made this purse out of an old letter/note box and designed this outfit around it because I was so proud of it. What I did was 
1) make sure the box was clean
2) punch two holes in it for the purse string
3) found four colors of embroidery thread that matched the color scheme of the box to braid together
4) Threaded the string through the holes and knotted the ends on the insides so they didn't slip out
5) enjoy!
 My earrings and necklace are both butterflies, and my tights were the tan color of the box background. I really thought it was cute

Sorry for the not-so-great look of the outfit, I was kind of rushed out the door this morning so I didn't get to take pictures until twelve hours later, when I finally got home. I have a really long schedule this semester, but I've only got two days of class so that's nice. 
 How did I do on my lolita outfit?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My First Time Wearing Lolita in Public!

I was so excited.
College seemed like a great place to wear Lolita to; I could just sit in class for a few hours, and then if I wanted to do homework on campus I could, but if I felt too self-conscious I could just go home. Minimal risk to the outfit, and minimal exposure to casual observers.
So here it is:

sorry for the overload of pictures, it's just that I'm very proud of myself.
I know that this probably doesn't qualify as true Lolita; it's offbrand and my hair is very plain and I'm not wearing any jewelry, but I thought it was better to start out with a plain outfit that definitely all matched before trying to make some OTT coord that may or may not have turned out right ^^' 
I thought I looked pretty, anyway.
The JSK is Infanta, I have on stockings with a gray rose pattern on them like the one on the dress, but it doesn't really show up in these pictures... oh well. Underneath the JSK I have on a striped dress I found at Ross last year; I thought the stripes would go well with the stripes on the bows, as well as adding sleeves. To tie the stripes all together, I wore a bow in my hair, but did nothing else to my hair. Very plain makeup was also used... I was very nervous about messing up, ha ha. 
The weather was perfect for this outfit; the JSK is heavy and thick, but I don't know what it's made of... something very warm. Thankfully, it was cold outside (it's turning into Autumn, I'm so happy ^^) and the layering didn't make me overheat. I even wore a petticoat :D
So, how did I do?

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Look at the Pretties

I would looooove to own these things:

 Look how pretty they are :D I'll probably be ordering a few bodyline things very soon, whilst anything from Baby the Stars Shine Bright will have to wait... sadly.
Oh beautiful Lolita.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Update; my Lolita Wardrobe

Well, I got a couple very nice things for my birthday from my grandma;
 This lovely dress from milanoo. I'll have to wait a bit to wear it, as it's rather heavy and warm. There's a zipper on the side, and a nice corset-style lacing in the back. It's a bit big around my waist, but that's alright, as it fits well everywhere else. I'm looking forward to wearing it, as I really love the print, but it's still waaaaay to hot outside to wear it >.<

Also from milanoo, this black shirt is much more lightweight. It too has corset-style lacing in the back, though it came with far too much ribbon. The sleeves have a tendency to make it look like I'm trying to bring back shoulder pads, but that's alright as they're fairly cute once I've puffed them properly. The shirt fits very well, and can easily be worn over or under a skirt <3

Lovely Demonia boots, which I do love. They're great for Victorian looks, and I imagine they'll be great for Lolita too.  Aren't they cuuuuuuuute ^.^

Friday, May 3, 2013


I'm trying to choose a color or two for my Lolita wardrobe. Since I wear a lot of black, that will obviously be a big part:
But what about pink?

 or green?

Or blue?

 I mean, it's all so pretty!
Or prints?

 So many choices <3 Lolita is so very pretty!

Friday, April 5, 2013


I love Lolita. So, so much. That said, I don't know a whole lot about it, and I would like to. But I like everything I know so far (except what I have heard about the Lolita community being elitist, but I haven't even met two Lolitas so I can't throw in my opinion on that front) and I would like to get deeper into Lolita fashion. Unfortunately, as a full-time student I don't really have the budget for Lolita clothes... though I'm about to get a part-time job so maybe soon I'll be able to afford a special piece... which I keep looking for. In the mean time, since I think I've jumped into Lolita a little too fast, I think I'll retreat quietly into my little corner of goth and try and incorporate just a few Lolita items as a start.
Hopefully, I'll eventually look like one of these beautiful girls ;D

Friday, March 29, 2013

Just a Collection of Beautiful Lolitas

A bunch of pictures that I love, outfits I take inspiration from and dresses I would love to wear: